Knee-break Dental Chairs for Considerate Dentists

Belmont Cleo II in Teal knee-break dental chairs

Why Practitioners Should Consider Knee-break Dental Chairs

Chair design affects patients’ and dentists’ comfort and ease of access by the practitioner. Knee-break dental chairs offer several benefits to both. Entering a modern treatment room can be a daunting experience, especially for a patient who may be a little nervous. Seeing an array of sophisticated equipment and a chair resembling an operating table tends to arouse fear, and working on frightened patients poses its own problems. 

Also, people are now living longer. Hence, the number of older people seeking dental treatment is growing. Unfortunately, they are often less agile and more likely to find it difficult to lift their legs onto the raised surface of a standard chair. By contrast, knee-break dental chairs have a more familiar appearance that is reassuring and will pose less of a challenge when it’s time for a patient with limited mobility to sit down or get up to leave.

From the dentist’s viewpoint, these dental chairs enable a frontal view of the patient rather than a distorted midline view. Sitting naturally also allows better communication between the practitioner and patient while helping to reduce the latter’s anxiety. In addition, dental practice furniture is often bulky, so these compact dentist chairs are a better choice when space is limited.

Belmont – A leading designer of knee-break dental chairs

While names like Nandos, KFC and McDonald’s dominate the dining-out market in the UK, dentistry also has its iconic brands. One of the world leaders in this field is Belmont, a manufacturer of high-quality dental equipment and dental practice furniture. Based in Osaka, Japan, the company has manufactured hand-made precision products for dentists for more than a century.

In addition to a wide range of standard models, Belmont manufactures the patient-friendly 050 and 055 “Clair” knee-break dental chairs. These models have gained widespread popularity for several reasons.

  • Compact design: Both models have a small footprint and extendable leg rest with auto-safety stop and are thus an ideal choice for a smaller treatment room.
  • Maximum accessibility: The combination of foldaway, detachable armrests, and adjustable seat height ensures exceptional ease of access – a must for disabled patients in wheelchairs or otherwise hampered by mobility issues. The Clair range is also child-friendly.
  • Choice of headrest: Choose between the 050 version with its twin articulating headrest or the powered option of the 055 model.
  • Ergonomic controls. All adjustments to the chairs can be controlled by the integrated foot stalks.
  • Choice of upholstery: Whether you prefer the luxury version or opt for one of the two seamless options, patient comfort is guaranteed.

Belmont Cleo II knee-break dental chairs

The Cleo II “A” (air-powered) and “E” (electric) versions feature a robust knee-break chair with an integrated delivery console with four programmable operator settings. The latter also includes a digital display and timer, torque control with auto-reverse, and fibre-optic turbine hose.

Both dentist chairs have a twin-articulating headrest, foldaway, detachable armrests and integrated foot control stalks similar to the “Clair” range.

Where to buy knee-break dental chairs

Hague Dental Supplies are proud stockists of Belmont dental equipment, and our experienced dental engineers are always on hand to install and maintain it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the world-class Belmont range.