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Dentistry Equipment Must be of the Highest Quality – Choose Dental Product Suppliers With Care

Equipping your dental practice can be expensive. However, choosing dental product suppliers that guarantee quality equipment is always the best option. Not long ago, a visit to the dentist was an event that usually sparked fear and involved a lot of pain. The prospect prompted many faint-hearted individuals to soothe their toothache with aspirin or clove oil, while some desperate folks even resorted to DIY extractions.

Much of their pain and discomfort was the direct result of inferior equipment. For example, the handsets of that time were much slower and inclined to cause pain under local anaesthesia. Furthermore, the dental chairs were not designed with the patient’s comfort in mind and were also cumbersome for the dentist. Thankfully, new technologies and design concepts have overcome these failings, creating a much-improved experience for patients and practitioners. The range of dental equipment available today is vast, but quality can vary considerably, so dentists must choose suppliers carefully.

How to Recognise Quality Dental Product Suppliers

As is the case with many important purchases, there is a lot to be gained by chatting with existing users. A word-of-mouth recommendation from one or two other dentists could prove reassuring when contemplating a capital investment. Alternatively, you could make some online comparisons by visiting the websites of suppliers in your area. Producing quality equipment requires the use of high-grade materials and precision engineering, and both tend to involve considerable costs. Consequently, the price tags between suppliers are unlikely to differ significantly.

It might be tempting to deal with a company that offers the items you need for far less than its competitors. However, there is every chance that its low prices are only possible because it is sourcing inferior products from countries where quality control regulations are markedly less stringent. Such products are likely to be much less durable than their higher-priced equivalents, and more importantly, they could compromise patient safety.

Other Points to Consider When Choosing Dental Product Suppliers

If pricing should not be a consideration, what other factors might help you to choose a quality supplier? The following features tend to be reliable indicators:

  • Does the Company Have a Showroom?

The images in an online catalogue may appear enticing, but they are no substitute for the opportunity to get your hands on the real thing. More significantly, a company with a showroom indicates its success and the capacity to invest in a wide range of items for sale and display. It is reassuring to know that in the event of an emergency, you can rely on a company with a large facility that houses many spare parts from established dental equipment manufacturers, ensuring that your practise remains up and running.

  • Does it Stock Leading Brands? A-Dec and Belmont products are recognised as world leaders and have the features most dentists need. At Hague Design Centre near Gatwick, you get to see both brands side by side, enabling direct comparison.

Hague is the UK’s most trusted Dental Product Supplier

We stock A-Dec, Belmont and several other reputable brands, including a wide range of digital solutions, while also specialising in the aesthetic aspects of the practice environment. Why not visit us online to search for quality products by brand and type?