Cattani Suction & Compressors

Hague Dental are certified dealers for Cattani Dental Equipment. Our multi-award-winning team would be delighted to support you in looking at your air and suction requirements.

Cattani, formally known as Cattani Spa (est. 1967), first started in Italy. In 1989 Cattani UK was introduced into dentistry. Cattani UK has earned their reputation from 30 years in the market place, supplying suction and compressed air, via the leading dental retailers, to dental facilities, hospitals, universities and the military. The standard of the products they offer is amazing which could definitely explain why they're the world-leading manufacturers of air technology equipment.

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The Cattani 'Smart' Range
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Cattani Smart Suction Daily & Weekly Maintenance

How to maintain your 'Smart' suction units on a daily basis.

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Cattani dental equipment and there amalgam seperation system
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Cattani Turbo Smart Amalgam Separation

Understanding the how the Turbo Smart's amalgam seperator works and why it is leading product in its field. 

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Oil-free Dental Compressors

When inspectors carry out their inspections, it’s vital that the quality of the air meets HTM-2022 standards. Oil-free compressors are actually much cleaner, more effective and provide a better quality of air to patients.

Single Surgery Suction Pumps

Still the preferred choice for most practices. However please do consider your space and the noise produced by a unit within the surgery.

Multiple Surgery Suction Pumps

Multiple surgery pumps have the advantage of being located away from the clinical area, keeping noise to a minimum and reducing costs on maintenance and cleaning.

Covid-19 Extraoral Suction Units

During the recent pandemic, aerosol reduction units and extraoral suction systems have become a popular way to remove dangerous aerosols close to the patient.

Power Towers - Combined Suction & Compressors

Why not combine the suction motor and compressor in a handy cabinet? The 'Power Tower' is ideal when noise and space is an issue.

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