Belmont Compass Dental Chair Package

Compact, Comoftable and Convenient

  • Belmont Compass Dental Chair offers comfort and ergonomics for the team and patients
  • Belmont Compass with its rear mounted delivery offers superior access, preparation ara and consultation at the foot of the chair
  • delivery options of the compass
  • Belmont Compass Dental Chair has a large selection of Upholstery
  • Belmont Operating Light
  • Belmont Compass Dental Chair with its rear mounted delivery allows your nurse to prepare quickly and easily.

The Belmont Compass Dental Chair is this leading manufacturer's newest dental treatment centre, which combines the benefits of a practical and ergonomic rear delivery system, a small footprint and patient comfort. Plus it comes with Belmont's trademark for reliability.

Also known as the 'tb Compass', it has been a hugely popular choice for dental practices and surgery refurbishments since 'Belmont UK' introduced the chair in 2015; and this gives you an insight into why:

Efficiency for your Team

The unrivaled console mobility on the Compass brings all the benefits of convenience, flexibility, efficiency and access for dentist, nurse and patient.

This unique base-mounted system enables the delivery console to be placed next to your nurse for preparation and cleaning whilst you finish your consultation.

Small Footprint

Benefits from the compact Belmont Voyager base which paired with a convenient rear delivery, ensur works in most shaped surgeries.

Fully Ambidextrous

The chair can easily converted to a dental treatment centre for a left or right handed operator. This includes the ability to mount the cuspidor to either side.

Patient Comfort

The double articulating headrest and option for 'Lux' upholstery is ideal for those offering longer specialist dental treatments for their clients.

Takara Belmont are a Japanese manufacturer of dental equipment, with a respected and historic UK base. Their products are known for their outstanding levels of reliability. All of the range offer a robust solution for your surgery. With parts readily available and engineers across the UK experienced in their units for support and servicing. Belmont equipment is a solid choice and investment.

Also know as the 'tb' Compass the chair offers some outstanding features which ensure that the system offers comfort, ergonomics and in turn efficiency for both the dental team and their patients:

On the Chair:

Rotating swing out armrests, twin-axis ultra-thin backrest with a central pivot design and a twin-articulating headrest significantly improves Operator access and working comfort.

Extensive choice of upholstery from seamless, ultra-soft or lux upholstery for your treatment centre to suit the way you work.

Activate the light, spittoon and chair movement from both the Operator's and Assistant's console or the foot control.

Lifting capacity is to 22 stone.

Choice of Delivery Units:

The package comes in 4 standard models the  tbCompass (with cuspidor), tbCompass 'Flexible Dr System '(without cuspidor), or the tbCompass 'Vac-Pac System' and tbCompass 'Flexible System' (with cuspidor and no delivery unit)'. All of these are fully ambidextrous.

The Compass's traditional hanging unit is then also supplied as an Air (A) or Electric (E) version.

Both the A and the E include: twin articulating headrest, height adjustable delivery, 8 programmable operator settings, swing out armrests and an 8 way foot control.

The E upgrades your delivery with a full digital display and timer, torque control with auto-reverse, preset micro-motor and torque control with Auto-reverse, and LED display. Also 2 fibre-optic outlets.

Cabinet mounted delivery or a mobile cart also available. Download the brochure below for more information.

On the Cuspidor:

The porcelain spittoon bowl is supplied as standard. It has 180 degree rotation for patient ease. With a automatic bowl-flush and cup-filler.

The height adjustable, extendable and rotating unit offers increased functionality for your nurse to control the chair, spittoon and light.

The Operating Light:

The top of the range Belmont 900 LED operating light (see images) comes as standard. However talk to our surgery design team about a range of mounting solutions.

FREE 5 Year Warranty on all Belmont Packages.
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'E' Version Delivery System of the Belmont Compass:

Twin-articulating headrest

8 preset positions, Last Position memory (LP) and Auto-Return

NSK NLX-Plus fibre-optic micromotor

Preset micromotor and torque control with Auto-Reverse and LED display

2 fibre-optic VLM hoses

3-way syringe

Rotatable cuspidor (180º)

Assistant’s console

Assistant 3-way syringe

High volume and saliva ejector tubing

Clean water system

Assistant’s control

'A' Air Version Delivery System of the Belmont Compass:

Twin-articulating headrest.

8 preset positions, Last Position memory (LP) and Auto-Return.

Rotatable cuspidor (180º).

Assistant’s console.

Assistant’s 3-way syringe.

High volume and saliva ejector tubing.

Clean water system.

Assistant’s control.

Site survey: Recommended

Belmont Compass tb Brochure

Understand more about the Cleo unique features and why it has been so popular over the years.

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Belmont Ultrasoft Pro Upholstery Card

View the current selection. This 'Pro' offers the added benefit of protection against denim staining and pen.

Belmont Ultrasoft Pro Upholstery Card gives you a good selection for you new chair

Belmont Dental Chairs and Treatment Centres - Brochure

Experience the full range of Belmont Chairs including Cleo II, Compass, Clesta and Voyager.

Experience the entire Belmont Dental Chair Range in the Brochure

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