NEWS: 'New' Pressure System Inspections (PSI) on Dental Compressors - replacing the PVI inspections

Compressor Vessel Testing and Written Schemes

In 2018 BCAS (British Compressed Air Society) instigated changes to its legislation for Dental Compressors. 

At Hague Dental we offer a Pressure Systems’ Compliance Written Scheme and the NEW Pressure System Inspections (PSI’s); in line with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations for Dental Compressors. The PSI replaces the old PVI (Pressure Vessel Inspection).

Compressor Vessel Testing


BCAS quote: “Amongst the provisions of the 19 Regulations there are requirements for a written scheme of examination and consequently an examination in accordance with that written scheme. The equipment to be included shall be all protective devices and every pressure vessel in which a defect may give rise to danger. In addition, those parts of the pipework in which a defect may give rise to danger, shall be identified in the scheme.”

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