Leading the way in digital dentistry

digital dentistry

Christopher Lehr, Product Specialist within the sales team, offers expert insight into the world of digital dentistry.

digital dentistry

At Hague Dental Supplies, we offer so many different digital solutions that it’s a discussion point with every one of our customers, to some extent.

This can range from quoting for products to have a general chat about the latest in digital technology. Most discussions involve X-rays and PPS (phosphor plate systems), with the rising interest in intra-oral scanners.

We make it easy for our customers so that digital equipment is simple to plan for, purchase, train on and operate. As with everything else within the practice, it does not need to be complicated.

If your practice is considering incorporating new digital processes and equipment, don’t feel overwhelmed – here are a few easy steps to get you started:

i) Research and ask questions

ii) Start small

iii) You don’t need to upgrade all your equipment at once but look for bundle offers on equipment. You will often get a great discount

iv) Don’t choose the cheapest, choose the most user-friendly. You will get a lot more value from something you find easy to use

v) Make sure you try the product first, with a trial week, see it in a showroom or have a demo from an expert in person.

And don’t forget that support is everything when it comes to digital dentistry. Some people panic when an issue occurs in their practice, but there is no need.

There is a perception that a digital problem is more complicated to fix, but we are specialists in this area and digital is no more complicated than regular engineering.

We offer a complete package, including peace of mind, so, if you would like to know more about how Hague can help your practice, visit www.haguedental.com, email info@haguedental.com or call 0800 298 5003.

Chris Lehr – Product Specialist