Dental Equipment Maintenance

dental equipment maintenance

Ensure Priority Attention to all Your Dental Equipment Maintenance Needs

A dentist’s patients and income depend on costly, specialised tools, so a dental equipment maintenance contract could save the day if they should break down. Setting up a dental surgery requires a substantial investment, especially if one wishes to keep abreast of the latest technological advances. While items such as chairs, handpieces, and intraoral scanners are designed to withstand rough handling, there is no such thing as a perfect machine. However, when you have a patient in the chair, your waiting room is packed, and you have a long waiting list for new appointments, the last thing you need is a handpiece or milling machine that no longer functions as it should.

Preventative Action is the Best Form of Dental Equipment Maintenance

There can be no doubt that prevention is better than cure. Anyone who owns a car will have learned the value of having it serviced regularly and the high cost of failing to do so when you need to call the AA, RAC or Green Flag to tow a broken-down vehicle to a garage for repairs. Dental chairs, X-ray machines, and most modern equipment used in dentistry are complex devices with electronic and mechanical components that could fail without due care and attention.

A trained engineer will implement a maintenance programme based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, examining these items at intervals and making any necessary adjustments, replacements or repairs essential to ensure their peak performance. Of course, one could arrange these inspections on an ad hoc basis, but there is a risk one could forget or might have to wait for an available engineer. In the meantime, something could go wrong. On the other hand, when you choose to arrange a contract, timely and professional dental equipment maintenance will be guaranteed.

Your Choice of Company Will Decide the Quality of Dental Equipment Maintenance you Receive

While a bargain price may be desirable, it is less important than quality. There are many second-rate engineers who may be willing to undercut the experts. However, as a healthcare professional, you have a duty of care to your patients. That duty includes ensuring you do nothing that could compromise the quality of their treatment. You will, therefore, wish to take whatever measures may prove necessary to keep your equipment in perfect working order through regular servicing. A growing number of practices are abandoning reactive repairs for pre-planned maintenance, as a service contract with a firm of experienced dental engineers offers several significant benefits.

  • It Reduces Downtime and Loss of Income.
  • A Contract Makes it Easier to Budget by Fixing the Cost for a Pre-agreed Period.
  • Regular Maintenance Increases Equipment Lifespan and Overall Reliability.
  • It Prevents Unexpected Breakdowns, Avoiding Costly Repairs or Replacements.
  • Reliable Equipment Helps Maintain Patient Confidence and Long-term Loyalty.


Arranging Expert Dental Equipment Maintenance in London, The Midlands and the South-East

There is nothing vague concerning our service contracts; put your trust in Hague Dental Supplies. Our engineering team has received multiple awards, including “Service and Repair Provider of the Year” in 2021. Contact us about our world-class dental equipment and exceptional after-sales care for peace of mind and happy patients, or perhaps you would like to read some of our contented clients’ comments.