Cost of Poor Dental Equipment Maintenance

dental equipment maintenance

Dental Equipment Maintenance is More Affordable Than Purchasing Costly Replacements

Equipping a dental practice is costly. However, a programme of dental equipment maintenance will avoid expensive replacements and has many other benefits. The dentist’s surgery has evolved exponentially in recent decades. This transformation has been primarily due to the exceptional versatility of digital electronics.

However, although these necessary advances have led to many benefits for dentists and patients alike, they have also increased the cost of setting up a practice. Furthermore, the complex nature of items like intraoral scanners, diagnostic cameras, and even a modern dental chair tends to preclude their owners from carrying out all but the most elementary repairs. Nevertheless, ensuring such items continue to operate efficiently is crucial and regular professional maintenance is the best way to avoid costly replacements and gain peace of mind. Let’s examine some of the other ways in which this practice could help you:

  • Reduce Downtime

Ensuring your equipment is operating at peak efficiency will avoid the need to effect repairs that might necessitate closing your surgery, possibly for several days. Not only can downtime impact your short-term income, but it could also have a long-term impact if some of your patients should decide to seek more reliable service elsewhere in future.

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

If items, such as intraoral scanners, cameras, and x-ray units are always well maintained, you can rely on the findings of your diagnostic procedures. An accurate diagnosis ensures you can provide the most appropriate interventions to ensure your patients enjoy the best possible outcomes.

  • Avoid Embarrassing Breakdowns

Let’s imagine you have a patient in the chair, and your handset or suction unit fails to function. Such mishaps will do little to enhance your reputation. On the other hand, regular dental equipment maintenance could save you a world of embarrassment and help preserve patient satisfaction.

  • Increase Equipment Lifespan

By ensuring it is regularly maintained, your equipment will continue to function efficiently for much longer, thus maximising the return on your investment. A small monthly fee could help you avoid breakdowns and costly replacements while simplifying your budget management.

  • Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Private and NHS dental practitioners are subject to the regulations and guidelines set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). One of the regulatory body’s primary objectives is to ensure patient health and safety. If your equipment is badly worn or malfunctioning, this could put them at risk. Regular dental equipment maintenance will help avoid adverse CQC reports and protect your patients. Most manufacturers now recommend it should be serviced annually.

  • Improve Staff Satisfaction

Knowing that your equipment is fully functional and fit for its purpose can help to build staff confidence and job satisfaction. In turn, these benefits will help improve staff retention and reduce the need to look for locums or pay exorbitant fees to a specialised recruitment agency.

How Hague Dental Supplies can Help Your Practice Enjoy These Benefits

In addition to being a leading supplier of premium dental equipment to practices in London, the South East and the Midlands, we also employ a team of specialised engineers to maintain it. If you would like to learn more about our pre-planned dental equipment maintenance contract and begin enjoying all the benefits listed above, why not check out our engineering solutions?