A message from Kirsty and Jim Hague

Our love and support goes out to you during what is an unprecidented and testing time for everyone.


Above everything else we wish good health for you and your loved ones and can only hope that we come out of this period quickly and safely and with enough pent up demand to keep us all busy for a long time to come.

At our side Paul and Lee are working safely and effectively to cover emergencies, ensuring we keep our practices and hospitals running where it is absolutely necessary.  In other instances we continue to offer remote technical support as always so please call for any queries you may have.  The engineers are on their usual mobile numbers and Jim and Kirsty are on the main line 0800 298 5003, should you have any concerns or advice.


For specific advice on closing down practices, you can view our post here which lists everything you need to know.  The key here is that the process you follow is exactly the same as closing down for the holidays.

Reach out anytime, we’re here to help you as always.

Best Wishes,

Jim, Kirsty and The Hague Dental team