Durr Dental Equipment

Hague Dental Supplies are a UK dealer for Durr Dental and its range of suction pumps, compressors, imaging equipment and hygiene products.

Durr Dental are been synonymous with the development of equipment in the industry since 1941. The development and production of handpieces and angled instruments with water cooling enables tooth preparation with pulp protection.

Now they are not only known for their extensive range of plant equipment and imaging units, but also hygiene and disinfection units.

In 1956 the compressor production begins, starting with an oil-lubricated Dürr Dental compressor.

Now this world leading manufacturer provides support to over 50 countries and with their strong UK base offers a reliable service where parts and equipment are available quickly and easily.

The Durr Product Range

Oil-free Dental Compressors

When inspectors carry out their inspections, it’s vital that the quality of the air meets HTM-2022 standards. Oil-free compressors are actually much cleaner, more effective and provide a better quality of air to patients.

Single Surgery Suction Pumps

Still the preferred choice for most practices. However please do consider your space and the noise produced by a unit within the surgery.

Multiple Surgery Suction Pumps

Multiple surgery pumps have the advantage of being located away from the clinical area, keeping noise to a minimum and reducing costs on maintenance and cleaning.

Intraoral X-Rays

The main differences to consider when purchasing an intraoral x-ray are ease of use, quality of the build, and the arm length and mount required.

Power Towers - Combined Suction & Compressors

Why not combine the suction motor and compressor in a handy cabinet? The 'Power Tower' is ideal when noise and space is an issue.

X-Ray Imaging Scanner

If you are considering moving to a paperless practice, then an x-ray scanner is essential. The unit works by converting your traditional film to a digital format in an instant.

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