Planning during a time of change

Kirsty Hague explores the idea that dentists may have some time on their hands to ponder some interesting ideas, including how they would like their practice to look and be equipped in the future.

Kirsty Hague is the Company Secretary at Hague Dental, which offers bespoke turnkey services that adhere to the highest standards. Kirsty’s education and experience enables her to work effectively in a number of areas, including marketing, sales, ergonomics and interior design.

It is a difficult time for millions of people, both financially and emotionally. One glimmer at the end of the tunnel is that, with some time on our hands, there are a number of positive opportunities out there.

To offer one such prospect, perhaps you might think about what improvements you would like to make both at home and at the practice when thing get back on track.

What do you love about the places you spend your time in? What do wish you could improve? If you could have anything, what would you like the interiors to look like? What purchase have you been thinking about in the last few months but, perhaps, could not find the time to research?

Your wish list

The key to achieving your vision involves a level of focus on refurbishment and new equipment, however it is important to bear in mind that there is no suggestion here that any of this needs to happen imminently.

Rather, now that there is this enforced break from the extremely busy day-to-day lives dentists live, this is a chance to take a step back and consider what changes you might like to make when the pause button is released and we all get the chance to reset.

The choices are almost endless and incredibly exciting, whether what is in your mind involves colour schemes, new chairs, digital upgrades, or even a complete refurbishment.

Now is a great time to consider all these elements, to have an inspirational and aspirational plan in place to go forward when the inevitable pent-up demand is unleashed on us all!

Imagine having the ability to transform your working life and your patients’ experience of dentistry, thanks to this interruption to your daily life and your initiative.

There can be exciting times ahead, and we can start to look forward to them now with a little imagination and some clever planning – neither of which costs a penny.

Dream big, plan well

Why not dream big and, when you’ve got your wish list, drop the team at Hague Dental a line?

We are an award-winning, family-run dental equipment supplier, offering innovative bespoke equipment solutions for dental practices in the UK, specialising in surgery design, reception design, build and dental practice refurbishment, as well as efficient and effective dental engineering, and comprehensive aftercare.

We are available throughout this crisis and would be delighted to chat things through with you, no strings attached – email or call 0800 298 500.