Getting the most from your Dental Chair - A-dec and Hague Dental

A-dec 500 Dental Chair

History suggests that an American dentist, Josiah Flagg, created the first adjustable dental chair in the late 18th century, adapting a wooden chair by adding an instrument tray on one side, as well as a movable headrest.

Over the years the dental chair evolved and, perhaps most excitingly, in the 20th century the first ever dental chair unit came into being, incorporating air, water, gas and electricity into one handy piece of equipment.

At this point, while patients were sitting more comfortably than ever before, for the most part, dentists were still standing – and their backs and necks were not thanking them for it.

By 1958, however, John Naughton had created a chair with an articulated seat and back, which marked the introduction of what we know call four-handed dentistry. And thank goodness for that!

Today, we have fully embraced the use of a dental chair unit that is comfortable for both patient and user and incorporates some incredible benefits that reflect issues such as need, convenience, infection control requirements and environmental considerations, and nothing beats the A-dec 500!

Because of that, Hague Dental has teamed up with the leading chair manufacturer, offering you the chance to trade in your old dental chair and receive up to £5,000 towards a brand-new A-dec 500.

With a flexible, forward-thinking design, the A-dec 500 perfects your practice today – and grows with it tomorrow.
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