How to choose the right Score Dental Saddle Stool for you

score dental saddle stools

score dental saddle stools

Score Seating are a world leading manufacturer of Dental Saddle Stools. Hague Dental supply their saddles stools to the UK. See further information below on how to choose the right seat for you.

We offer trials on these saddle stools and you might like to visit our showrooms near Gatwick to view our full range of stools. Below is a little more about the Score selection and how to choose the right seat for you.

Four steps to making the right choice of Score Dental Saddle Stool:

1  Correct height
You will only experience the full benefits of the saddle stool if your position is high enough to sufficiently open up your hip angle, thereby placing you in a natural and relaxed posture.

The perfect sitting height is the one where your upper legs naturally follow the shape of the seat. This enables the maximum hip angle to be achieved (130 to 140 degrees) while keeping your weight evenly divided across the seat of the saddle stool and the floor.

Because people vary in height, Score Dental saddle stools are available in three different heights, each with its own range of height adjustment. For nine out of ten people, the standard height provides a correct adjustment range to position the stool at the optimal height. It is therefore the most popular option if the stool is going to be shared by multiple persons.  

2  Perfect fit

Score Dental saddle stools are available in two unique seat shapes. The Amazone for an active narrow sitting posture, and the Jumper for a wider sitting posture.

Amazone (34 cm width)
The shape of the Amazone’s seat facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor. The Amazone seat strike the best possible balance between the control and healthy posture of ‘standing’, and the comfort of ‘sitting’.

Jumper (44 cm width)
The Jumper has a widerseat, resulting in a sligh tlysmaller hip angle than the Amazone. A larger part of your body weight rests on the seat. This gives the Jumper seat a more traditional sitting experience.

Question: will you be sharing your saddle stool with colleagus?


  • If you are going to share the saddle stool, the Amazone is most probably your best choice. It is preferred by 75 percent of all oral healthcare practitioners.


  • Women generally prefer the Amazone due to its narrower seat (83%). If you prefer a wider seat surface, choose the Jumper.
  • Men of average height or smaller typically choose the Amazone because of its more active sitting posture (67%). If you prefer a more traditional sitting experience, choose the Jumper.

3  Dynamic sitting

The Score Dental Balance mechanism ensures maximum comfort and optimal dynamic working posture. This adjustable mechanism enables the
saddle to move subtle along with you for extra comfort and a beneficial effect on the muscles and spine. The degree of movement can be adjusted by rotating the ring.

Tilting seat
Instead of the Balance mechanism, you can also  choose a tilting seat where the angle of the seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards.

4  Extra support

Score Dental saddle stools can be equipped with a lumbar support. Its multifunctional shape provides light support for your lower back (lumbar area) while working in an active posture. In addition, you can also lean against it and stretch to relax your back for a moment. The saddle version with tilting seat offers a lumbar support that is adjustable in both height and angle. With the Balance mechanism, the lumbar support can be adjusted in depth, and moves with the dynamic seat.

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