Dental Suction Pumps & Mobile Suction Systems - How to Choose

Are you looking for a new dental suction system, but unsure where to start?

Ensuring you have a quality suction system installed is essential, to the everyday running of your dental practice. Achieving high air flow and medium vacuum will keep your patients tooth cool and will control the spray from the tip.

As engineers first we understand the importance of installing reliable quality equipment that suit the needs of your type of dentistry. Ensuring continuous high performance that will have minimal expensive downtime for your practice. Selecting the dental suction motor and ensuring your have the right pipework and services is sometimes overlooked.

On this page we hope to give you some tools to help you select the right vacuum system for your pracitce. Understand further which units and brands we recommend and why.

Then speak with the team for further advice and prices. We offer a supply only service, or with installation.

What we consider

  • The Dentist

  • Physical Space

  • Product Price

How to choose

Recommended Brands

So how does the Hague team support you in selecting the right equipment?

Being independent and not being tied to one particular brand, you can be confident that you will get the possible solution. As engineers first we only supply and install products that we know are the most reliable on the market.

We are authorised dealers in the UK for all our suction pump ranges. This ensures that you know that any equipment that you purchase with us, will be installed and maintained by a manufacturer-certified engineer, as well as having fast access to parts and access to the correct annual service kits.

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Recommended Dental Suction Systems

durr vsa dental suction pump

We have 100s of products to demo

For the dental team and patient with the delivery head have a larger reach for preparation behind the headrest. The new delivery head incorporates a ‘positionable’ deluxe touchpad for precision viewing.

The surgery looks fantastic and we couldn’t be more pleased. You really do know how to look after the customer and every member of your staff is a credit to you.

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