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Dental Operating Lights

Dental operating lights are an integral part of any dental practice. The lights should be bright enough to illuminate the treatment area effectively, without producing any form of shadow and without dazzling the patient. Therefore, finding the right one for your practice is crucial.

There are many features that are important to making a great dental operating light. Greater infection control can be enforced by purchasing operating lights with detachable and autoclavable handles. The colour temperature of the light (measured in kelvins), is also an important feature. The neutral temperature is usually 5,000K.  A high CRI (colour rendering index) is also ideal in dental operating lights. To put it into context, a CRI of 94 replicates the clarity of sunlight and floods the oral cavity with light that reflects colours accurately for soft and hard tissue diagnosis.

Dental operating light's instilled with LED's are becoming increasingly popular as opposed to bulbs as they are quieter and don't radiate heat, making it more comfortable for the patient and the dentist.

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