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Hague Dental are a UK supplier of Acteon Dental equipment including 2D and 3D imaging, cameras, specialist surgical units and hygienist piezo units. Our multi-award-winning team offer surgery design, refurbishment, installation, service and support to dental practices. View the entire Acteon range of equipment online and then view at our Gatwick showroom.

Represented in over 100 countries worldwide. Its imaging units and dental equipment are known for their reliability and innovation.

Acteon states that its mission is, to strive every day to create new mini-invasive technologies in surgery, in X-Ray emission, in imaging and make them available to you with intuitive digital connectivity.

Less is More!

Less invasive surgery creates more trust from your patients;
Less X-Ray is more safety for everyone in your practice;
Less compromise in image quality leads to better information ready to be analyzed by you;
Less complexity provides the ability to create a fruitful dialogue with your patients.

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Minimally Invasive Solutions

Understand the meaning behind Acteon's branding. How might this effect your equipment choice? A manufacturer with patients care and innovation at its core.

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Experience Efficiency

So how does Acteon's range of products come together to support the equipment and digital workflow in your dental practice?

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Products in the Acteon Range

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

The growth and popularity of CBCT is clear for all to see at present. Those who are looking to replace OPG's are now considering the investment in 3D Imaging for there practice. However the choice can prove a little daunting, so do discuss with a digital expert.

Intraoral X-Rays

The main differences to consider when purchasing an intraoral x-ray are ease of use, quality of the build, and the arm length and mount required.

Polishers & Prophylaxis Systems

Air polishing is a minimally invasive technique that uses a mixture of compressed air, water and fine powder to remove unsightly staining and harmful plaque from the teeth.

Table Top Ultrasonic Scalers

The convenience of a table-top scaler means the unit can easily be moved from room to room.

X-Ray Imaging Scanner

If you are considering moving to a paperless practice, then an x-ray scanner is essential. The unit works by converting your traditional film to a digital format in an instant.

Intraoral & Diagnostic Cameras

Cameras can accurately diagnose patients oral health identifying gum disease, tooth decay and a broken or cracked tooth.

Piezosurgery Units

Piezosurgery units deliver precise cutting control, protect soft tissues from damage and provide maximum intraoperative visibility with a blood-free site through the cavitational effect of the ultrasonic vibrations.

Digital Sensors

Dental intraoral x-ray sensors provide images shown to be every bit as diagnostic as film radiographs. With the added benefit of dramatically reducing the levels of radiation for your patients.

Visit Our Product Showroom

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Visit Our Product Showroom

Experience the Acteon range at our showrooms near Gatwick. Compare their range of equipment alongside others and decide which is the right investment for your practice.

Appointments include evenings and weekends.

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