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Project Overview

Sarum Dental was our first project with Hague Dental working with contractors subcontracted by myself. Hague was always very welcoming so the natural choice was to use Hague for our Lister House project which was a large relocation project within a new medical centre, in Harlow.


From inception to completion of both projects, there was good communication and all the assigned subcontractors were helpful and friendly. Sarum (in Salisbury) was fitted with minimal downtime, which was incredible seeing as we had a complete refurbishment being carried out. The process was efficient and very exciting.

Lister House was carried out in an equally timely fashion, especially when our on-site access was more restricted. Jim and Kyle were happy to attend meetings with the main builders, contractors, and landlords to be able to organise a schedule that worked out more or less without any hiccups.

The practice has state-of-art surgeries, that we had been looking forward to for a long time. It has been a year since the fit out and we have received numerous compliments from the patients and the staff is over the moon with their new working environment.

”A great experience with the Hague Dental team! We are delighted with the results and would recommend them to all.”
Bhasker Mehta, The Lister House Dental Centre

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