Melag 318 Prime Line Autoclave

17 Litre mid-range autoclave

Category: Dental Autoclaves

  • Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
  • Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
  • Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
  • Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
  • Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
17 Litre

RRP:  £ 6,230.00 excl. VAT
Hague Price: £ 4,495.00 excl. VAT
36-Month Finance Offer including Service Contract: £ 298.00 per month, VAT incl.


All packages are priced ex-works (plus delivery and installation if required) and are subject to VAT. Finance options are VAT inclusive and are for illustrative purposes only and subject to status. Service Plan includes 1 x annual service inclusive of relevant PVI & validation.

The remarkable Prime Line 318 Autoclave combines the Pro Line product highlights with further innovations for more performance, for outstanding drying results and for complete traceability.

Chamber Volume: 17 litres

The chamber concept (ø 25 cm x 35 cm long) offers you enough space for the safe sterilization of up to 7 kg of instruments on 5 trays.

High Loading Capacities

With the heavy-duty program for up to 7kg on 5 trays.

Complete traceability

Authentication, approval and label printing directly on the device. Using the optional MELAprint 80, you can print barcode labels for marking your instruments after documentation and approval. The labels contain all relevant information on the device, program and storage periods of the sterilised instruments. 

Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave

Key Features of the MELAG 318 Autoclave:

Efficient sterilisation:

Efficient sterilisation in the Heavy Duty program for larger loads: Achieving powerful sterilization of up to 7 kg on 5 trays within a short time frame of 15 to 27 minutes (plus drying).

DRYtelligence drying:

Utilizing an algorithm-controlled process to achieve optimal drying results while significantly reducing drying time by up to 80%.

User-friendly Smart-Touch Display:

Featuring a touchscreen with an intuitive menu structure, similar to a smartphone, for effortless operation.

ProControl Approval:

Offering batch approval, user authentication, and barcode label printing via MELAprint 80 directly on the display, eliminating the need for additional software.

Enhanced connectivity and data logging:

Ensuring compliance with legal requirements by allowing the storage of sterilization parameters via a USB stick or network.

Convenient stand-alone design:

Equipped with integrated water tanks and highly effective air cooling, enabling operation without the need for external cooling water, making it suitable for various locations.

Power Save energy-saving mode:

Optimizing energy efficiency by automatically putting the heating and display into standby mode between sterilisations.

EasyCare routine concept:

Incorporating user-friendly optimisations for efficient filter replacement, tank cleaning, and water supply.

Melag 318 Prime Line autoclave
The Specification of the Melag 318 Prime Line Autoclave:
Chamber size:

ø 25 cm x 35 cm long

Chamber volume:

17 litre

Load quantity:

Max. 7 kg instruments / 1,8 kg textiles

Device dimensions (W x H x D):

47 x 50 x 64 cm (device fits on a 60 cm table top)


48 kg

Power supply:

220 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption:

2.100 Watts

Documentation interfaces:

USB, network

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