Vacuum Flow Rate Testing - A New Way Forward during COVID 19

Vacuum Flow Rate and Pressure Test – How efficient is your Suction? Covid-19

Following the news last week of many practices finally returning to work on the 8th June, Hague Dental and their highly experienced team of engineers are here to help get you back to work as safely as possible during this Covid-19 pandemic. One very sensible thing to do for you, and your team, is to prove your suction performance at the chairside, and we could provide a Vacuum Flow Rate and Pressure Test to look at the efficiency of your suction.

What are we looking for by doing these tests?  

It would be advised to test the quality of the suction performance by our meters at the oral cavity in order to ensure the correct pressure and flow are there for you.  It is advised under Under ISO 10637 (2018 version) for Dental surgeries – that the large bore/ HVE/ 16mm (+/-1mm) outlet should produce a minimum flow of 250 litres per minute, and 140-250 millibar of pressure. 

What if my suction performance is poor?

There are, of course, ways to improve suction performance, by changing faulty hard pipework, soft suction hoses, cleaning regimes, and surgical-grade machines working with leading manufacturers Cattani and Durr.

How do I organise this to be done in my practice and for each of my surgeries?

Fill the form on this page and Estelle our Head of Customer Service will contact you. We will organise a convenient time.

If you have any technical questions regarding the necessity for this please don’t hesitate, we understand that there is much to consider and understand at this difficult time. We are here to support you.

Kind Regards

Kirsty, Jim and all the Team at Hague Dental


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