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Project Overview

I had been planning to refurbish my practice since the day I bought it; building up the courage to start. It was a massive commitment both financially and in terms of downtime. I spoke to numerous companies, however, one stood out and that was Hague Dental Supplies. I spoke with James Fletcher, who from the first time we spoke, instilled me with confidence.

Project Management

It felt like I had a whole team of project managers as whoever I spoke to at Hague, my questions were always answered and dealt with very promptly. The whole project was planned out with great detail with a day-by-day breakdown of what was happening from building works to equipment installation.


James was very accommodating and was willing to meet me at the surgery at any time, and on some occasions, our site meetings would finish past 10 pm. Hague visited several times before I had even paid them a penny. It was obvious that Hague placed focus on the customers’ wishes and satisfaction at the forefront of what they do. I must have changed my mind about the plans and surgery design over 5 times. This was no issue for Hague and accommodated me at every point. Nearly 18 months had passed before we finally agreed on the final plans.


The Hague engineers are some of the best I have come across. They are extremely professional, punctual, and good at what they do. They were extremely thorough when installing and servicing equipment. I honestly do not know why I have not used Hague earlier on in my career, it would have saved me a lot of headaches!


After the project was complete, the after-care service was brilliant. There were a few teething issues (if you pardon the pun) as one would naturally expect, but these were dealt with extremely quickly and efficiently. Even to this day, I still ring the Hague team for advice. The Hague team embarked on my second refurbishment project. I have saved myself a lot of time as I have not had to hunt around for multiple quotes. Hague is the only team I want to do the project with and the only team I trust. The main problem I face is that I have been spoilt with Hague’s quality as a company. When I have to deal with other dental companies, the customer quality of service and level of service is inferior. With Hague, I have been used to issues being dealt with on the same day or the very next. Previously I had to wait more than a week or two for an engineer to come around.

”I have no doubt that my next project will be dealt with in the same efficient professionalism and will have the same fabulous finish.”
Dipen Patel, Streatham Dental & The Park Dental Clinic

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