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NSK is a trusted and high quality manufacturer of dental equipment from Japan.

Keiichi Nakanishi founded Nakanishi Manufacturing, the original name of NSK back in 1930. Now in 135 countries world-wide, the company is grounded in the development and manufacturer of innovative dental instruments.

The various parts for their products are crafted by as many as 23,000 individual parts. Contra-angles depend of gear accuracy and precision and this is in the hands of their dedicated craftsman.

With a dedicated UK team, they ensure that equipment and parts are readily available. Their range has been extended in recent years to include decontamination units, handpiece maintenance units and specialist dental equipment.

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The NSK Product Range

Decontamination Room - Dental Autoclaves

Customers look for a steriliser, that is not only reliable but also has a fast cycle time and large load capacity, see our selection.

Dental Specialist Room - Dental Implant Motor

Dental Implant Motors deliver very high torque levels while running at low speeds, which compares favourably to most air-driven handpieces that run fast but have less torque at lower speeds. These presently tend to be portable units, which are ideal for those specialists with no set base.

Hygienists Room - Polishers & Prophylaxis Systems

Using high-pressure air and special powders, air polishing systems are being seen more and more, in hygiene and cosmetic surgeries for fast and effective treatments.

Hygienists Room - Built-in Scalers

Opt for the convenience of a built-in scaler for your surgery. Speak to our technical team about installation into your treatment centre.

Hygienists Room - Table Top Ultrasonic Scalers

The convenience of a table-top scaler means the unit can easily be moved from room to room.

Dental Specialist Room - Piezosurgery Units

Piezosurgery units deliver precise cutting control, protect soft tissues from damage and provide maximum intraoperative visibility with a blood-free site through the cavitational effect of the ultrasonic vibrations.

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The Company behind the Brand

Bringing something new to the world. Developing advanced dental technologies that never cease to amaze. NSK aims to deliver value beyond expectations across its entire product range. That can only be achieved through commitment and a passion for reliable craftsmanship.

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