Bambach Saddle Stools

Bambach Saddle Stools

Hague Dental are a UK supplier of Bambach Saddle Stools and their range of posture seating.

The Bambach Saddle Seat is used by Health Professionals worldwide as a therapeutic tool in the management of numerous conditions and as a highly effective means of increasing independence, optimizing quality of life and preventing the onset of further complications.

Their stools have an established history within the dental industry offering ergonomic seating solutions for the whole team from dentist to nurse, hygienist to specialists.

The Bambach Saddle Seat was designed by Australian Occupational Therapist, Mary Gale. Following years of using horse riding as a therapy, she was often amazed at the profound effect simply sitting on horseback had upon the sitting posture and trunk control of individuals with neurological symptoms. The benefits of horse riding as a therapy are now of course well documented, however, she identified the need for a seat which could replicate the saddle sitting position, therefore allowing individuals to enjoy improved posture in an easily accessible and cost effective manner.

“It is my goal is that people will become aware of their own bodies, how they work and of their own power to be as strong and healthy as possible, then, rather than using furniture which creates postural stress and deformity, they will understand and choose seating which can give them the best ergonomic posture.”

Most people now understand their power to choose good nutrition and exercise to have healthy bodies so that they get the best out of their work time, leisure and home life. So I am hoping that people will likewise choose to understand how their bodies work and that the healthy choice for sitting will expose the fact that the conventional seating on offer for offices, travel, lounge chairs and in fact most seating is actually harmful.

People will then recognise that seating must offer a real opportunity to sit upright naturally and that this not only relieves and prevents postural stress and spinal deformity, but relieves intradiscal pressure giving symmetry and balance for active body function. Most importantly, they will realise that this posture is governed by the position of the pelvis.

All of us, especially those of us with physical impairments, need to sit in the best posture possible to avoid deformities developing or deteriorating. People will eventually understand that the key to good posture, and the difference between a healthy “S” spine and a deformed “C” spine is the pelvis being secure in its upright, neutral position while sitting. They will then have the wisdom to choose seating for a healthy functional spine.

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Why you should sit on a Bambach Stool?

Why can't conventional seats support the body in an ideal position? And why are they so harmful to the body? The Bambach Saddle Seat is the only seat scientifically proven to minimise posture related problems!

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Our team are passionate about ensuring that you are not only sitting correctly but that the seat suits your individual style and frame. Muscular skeletal issues and back pain can interfere with your career. Do take time to ensure the stool is right for you.

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