MK-dent Turbines

Four ranges of high quality dental turbines

Prime Line

The premium range of MK-dent turbines. Built with more power (25W), better sound (55dB) and spectacular control, for the user who demands best-in-class. The prime line turbine has an approximate speed of 350rpm.

Classic Line

The classic line is another high quality range of MK-dent turbines. Second only to the Prime, this line has a range of key features that make it one of the most reliable dental handpieces on the market.

Eco Line

The eco-line is another incredibly reliable range of MK-dent turbines, slightly different to the Prime and Classic line as it lacks features but also has new features such as glass rod fibre optics, explained in the key features tab.

Basic Line

The basic line, although being at the bottom of the range remains a high quality, reliable dental handpiece option. 

Prime Line

Aeroacoustic Blade - The laser balancing technology included in this range of the MK-dent turbines helps produce steady of power of 350rpm, as well as vibration free operation.

Next-Gen Carbide Bur Guide - Perfect concentricity and unrivalled 40N of retention force improve long-term precision during operations.

Refined Ceramic Bearings - Paired with a corrosion-resistant cage as well as the remarkably refined formula of the lubricant, the ceramic balls will have a long journey ahead of them.

Automatic Pressure Regulation - The prime line has been carefully sculpted to regulate the airflow and ensure a constant level of pressure. This enhances gradually the lifetime of the cartridge and bearings. 

Iconic Prime Body - The exterior features the iconic Prime grip and an extraordinary scratch-resistant titanium surface with crystal structure.

Reverse Flow Protection - Designed for optimised cleanability, the non-return system for reverse flow protection has been part of the Prime line from the very beginning.

Classic Line

Aeropower Blade - Designed for maximum torque (28W) at an unmatched 375rm.

Next-Gen Carbide Bur Guide

Refined Ceramic Bearings

Athletic Classic Body - An exquisite chrome finish with curved corners and firm pressure on the push button.

Reverse Flow Protection

Eco Line

Aeroperformance Blade - The benchmark for premium cartridges in terms of cost-performance ratio, with a torque of 24W.

Refined Ceramic Bearings

Smooth Eco Body - Smooth and chrome coated surface is virtually 

Glass Rod Fibre Optics - Provides 100% glare-free light. With a colour temperature of 5500K, the glass rod is designed for colour accurate illumination of the preparation area.

Basic Line

Aeroperformance Blade

Refined Ceramic Bearings

Basic Body

Glass Rod Fibre Optics

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