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Synea Fusion Turbines are a more affordable option, yet designed for optimum service life.

Vibration-free Operation

Synea Fusion Turbines have been designed with ceramic ball bearings to be quiet during treatment with it's vibration-free feature, helping settle patients during operation.

Optimal LED Illumination

The Synea Fusion Turbines also come with LED+, allowing for sufficient illumination and emphasis of the treatment area.

4 Port Spray

The 4 port spray provides safe cooling to the affected area, reducing pain level and  increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. 

24 Months Warranty

This takes the hassle out of any issues with the handpieces within the first 2 years of purchase, thereby allowing users to get the most out of their Synea Fusion Turbines.

W&H are industry leaders from Austria and are very well respected amongst the dental community. W&H can assure their customers quality, craftsmanship and reliability in every product.

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Synea Fusion Turbines have a range of key features:

Optimised Design

The Synea Fusion Turbines have been designed for secure, ergonomic grip and and optimum hygiene, adding to the long-term value.

Easy bur Change

Applications on the handpieces can be changed easily and quickly, allowing operatives to save time when busy.

Thermo Washer Disinfectable and Sterilisable 

Synea Fusion Turbines are easily maintainable as they are compatible with thermo washers, helping improve the longevity of the product's life cycle.

Comparison of Synea Fusion Turbines Models:

Types:TG-97 L / TG-97 L RM / TG-97 LM / TG-97 L N / TG-97TG-98 L / TG-98 L RM / TG-98 LM / TG-98 L N / TG-98
Light:LED+ / LED+ / compact glass rod / compact glass rod / –LED+ / LED+ / compact glass rod / compact glass rod / –
CRI (LED version):>90>90
Colour temperature (LED version):5,500 K5,500 K
Luminous flux (lumens):6.0 / 6.0 / 4.0** / depending on coupling / –6.0 / 6.0 / 4.0** / depending on coupling / –
Illuminating power:25,000 Lux25,000 Lux
Coupling:Roto Quick RM-connection
Multiflex NSK Mach
Roto Quick RM-connection
Multiflex NSK Mach
Head size:10 mm11.5 mm
Head height:21.1 mm (with bur 19 mm)21.4 mm (with bur 19 mm)
Power*:18 W21 W
rpm (min-1)390,000360,000
Rotary instruments:
Max. operating part diameter:
Max. length:
FG bur, as per ISO 1797-1, with 1.06 mm
2 mm
21 mm
FG bur, as per ISO 1797-1, with 1.06 mm
2 mm
25 mm
Weight:40g / 43g / 68g / 52g / 40g42g / 44g / 70g / 53g / 42g
Roto Quick connection operating pressure:
Multiflex connection operating pressure:
3 – 0.3 bar
2.5 to 4 bar
3 – 0.3 bar
2.5 to 4 bar
Spray outlets:4x4x
Volume:59 dB (A)59 dB (A)

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