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Which of the Dental Compressors out there on the market is right for your practice?

Deciding which dental compressor is not an easy task with so many choices on the market at varying prices. At Hague Dental we understand the importance of avoiding costly downtimes and so offer a fast and efficient service from highly experienced enigneers, who only supply dental compressors that meet your practices requirements and are reliable.

We highly recommend that you speak with technical experts as often it will depend on the number of surgeries you are wanting to support, the space and position of the unit and the ventilation / access around the dental compressor, how good your team are at regular maintenance and your budget of course. Dental Compressors are often the most under appreciated hard working piece of equipment in the practice: cleaning, drying and storing air.

At Hague our team of dental equipment experts would be delighted to offer technical advice and a quotation, just call 0800 2985003. Alternatively why not call us to organise a 'no obligation' equipment consultations at your Dental Practice to discuss the right compressor for your exacting requirements.

Below are the 3 world leading brands of dental compressors Cattani, Durr, MGF, Bambi and Jun-Air that Hague Dental (as engineers) recommend. Each of these manufacturers supply a choice of oil lubricated and oil free units.


Dental Compressors & The Importance of Clean Air

The Dental compressor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any dental surgery. The success of your practice is dependent not only on the reliability of the compressor but, also the quality of the air it supplies. 

Clean air is more than ever vital in today’s dental surgery

  • to protect your patient and staff health
  • ensure long life of delicate hand piece bearings and other dental equipment
  • when using air to dry a tooth surface for composite bonding, veneers
  • implant procedures
dental compressors

Choice of Dental compressor

Oil Free or Lubricated Dental Compressors?

Deciding between either of the two can be complicated. So please speak with one of our technical team to help you make an informed decision

Oil Free – in most modern practices these days you are more likely to come across oil free units.  Oil free dental compressors are designed to provide years of trouble free clean, dry air, with little maintenance requirements. They are however noisier and you may wish to consider a housing.

Oil –  Lubricated dental compressors require a weekly maintenance routine to check the oil levels. An un-maintained oil compressor runs the risk of not only running dry but if it is not serviced regularly than runs the risk of supplying contaminated air. They are cheaper as a rule however and do not require expensive housings as they are relatively quiet.

The Importance of Annual Servicing

A well serviced and maintained Dental Air compressor should last in the region of 10-15 years.

Bearing in mind what we have said above and the importance of an air compressor in keeping your surgery running smoothly with minimum downtime, it is vital that you have your compressor serviced annually by a certified engineering company. Hague provides this service on the all Durr, Cattani and Bambi Models.

CQC inspectors will now also require you show show regular maintenance /servicing of your unit.

Dental Compressor Vessel Testing and Written Schemes

Another requirement for your dental compressor will be that it has a Written Scheme (often provided at the time of installation) and an Vessel Test ( this should be done regularly in line with the what was recommended when your written scheme was done ). This ensures compliance to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992.


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