The Eau Flow is a dental reverse osmosis unit that has an easy to change filter

Reverse Osmosis Units and Water Purification for Dental Practices

Pure Water Options for Dental Practices

Dental practices receive pure water from a range of different units. Bottled pure water is often the most common, but water distillers, reverse osmosis water systems and Reverse osmosis and deionization (RODI) plus ultra filtration (UF) systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their capabilities.

Water Distillers

Water distillers are incredibly efficient in ensuring a dental practice has access to high quality pure water. Distillers turn water into vapour, before condensing it into a mineral free liquid.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

These units allow practices to produce their own instant, pure water. They carry out a water filtration process, producing clean, purified water and removing any impurities, which can then be used across the dental practice to provide water supply to integral equipment such as autoclaves.

RO and deionization (RODI) plus ultra filtration (UF) systems

Aquathin's patented Aqualite RODI UF water purification system produces 99.9% ultra-pure, clinically safe water.


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