Handpiece Maintenance

Handpiece Maintenance

Handpiece Maintenance systems are an extremely valuable asset to any dental practice, helping to save large amounts of money on oil over a period of time. The key feature of these systems is that they induce the correct amount of oil into the handpieces, meaning the user can avoid slippery handpieces when products have been over-oiled, and ensure their handpieces are cleaned efficiently, adding to their longevity and long term value.

There are numerous systems available, some capable of oiling and cleaning the inside of the handpiece and others capable of oiling and cleaning the external part of the handpiece. These systems ensure your handpieces keep performing at an optimum level. Cycle time varies but the traditional maintenance unit will not take longer than 45 seconds, saving valuable time that is normally spent cleaning them manually. This page will look to explore some of the different options available, and help you decide which is right for you and your practice.

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