Our specialist squat team can help make all the difference

We understand that developing a squat practice is a big decision. Having a team of award-winning experts at your side will provide you with the confidence you need to make your vision a reality.

Our Approach: 4 Phases in Developing a Squat Practice

  • Phase 1: The Site - Feasibility Survey & Costs

    Firstly we conduct a site survey to ensure that the property is appropriate for your needs. Then, we take your initial concepts and translate them into drawings. From their we formulate costs which includes looking at equipment and build teams. With drawings and costs in place, you are now ready to develop your business plan and approach the council for any necessary permission. We can assist you through the application process.

  • Phase 2: Project Detail - Supporting you in making the right decisions

    Now that you have a property selected and planning approved, we can proceed with developing each room of your practice. Based on our experience and knowledge of best practice we we apply four key areas of consideration when working on your project. These are equipment selection, ergonomics, legislation and aesthetics.

  • Phase 3: The Build - Logistics & Project Management

    You now have a choice between using our build team or another contractor - it's important that you feel comfortable with your builders. The benefit of working with our team is the confidence you have working with dental project specialists and project managers who can ensure your build and fit out is completed as smoothly as possible and within budget.

  • Phase 4: Project Handover - Through to the end and beyond

    Now that everything is fitted you're ready to open, right? Not quite. Experience has taught us that in order to achieve a high standard of quality the final details are all important. From floor to ceiling we ensure any touch-up work required is done. Meet our Technical Director and Head of Customer Service who will ensure you have confidence in your equipment, as well as understand how to maintain it and what service requirements it will need the following year.

Squat Practice Development Services

This year we celebrate 25 years of supporting clients with setting up new practices. Request a link to our new flipbook which contains some of our favourite projects, including many for squats. Understand in our customer's own words their experience of working with our fantastic team.
“We really can’t speak highly enough of this company, their knowledge, attitude and service. The lovely thing about this team is that you get a Project Manager. Hague has been fantastic, and it’s safe to say our project wasn’t straightforward. There is no question that they will be given the full rein if and when we expand.”

Elizabeth Graham, The Straight Tooth Company

Award-winning customer service team 

We are proud to be recognised by the industry for our outstanding customer service over consecutive years.