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MELAG, a family-owned company, specializes in providing exceptional autoclaves and washer-disinfectors that prioritize the utmost protection for both patients and instruments. They effectively manage innovative technologies and infection control in various practices and clinics.

MELAG maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and has continuously developed, manufactured, and enhanced their products to meet the highest standards of excellence since 1951 at their headquarters in Berlin.


Decontamination Room - Washer Disinfectors

Ensuring you are meeting today's legislative requirements for HTM01-05 and CQC practices sometimes opt for a washer-disinfector.

Decontamination Room - Water Treatment Systems & Reverse Osmosis Units

Reverse Osmosis is a simple and straightforward water filtration process. The RO water system produces a source of clean/purified water, which can then be used to supply water to your dental practice autoclaves and in your dental treatment centres.

Decontamination Room - Pouch Sealing & Handpiece Bagging System

Improving the efficiency and workflow of your decontamination room. Easily seal and store your instruments.

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