W&H MS 22 Autoclave

Reliable, Fast, Non-Vacuum from this World Leader

  • The W&H MS is a reliable Non-Vacuum Autoclave
  • W&H Hygiene, Sterilisation & Maintenance is an extensive range of equipment for your dental practice.

The W&H MS is a non-vacuum 22-litre autoclave with an 18 minute 'Fast Cycle'.

The MS is one of the W&H family of sterilisers and decontamination equipment which are known throughout the industry, for their reliability.

MS offers economical class S sterilization (in accordance with European standards), addressing the important considerations of efficiency and long-term operational costs. It is a modern, quality built machine for today's environment, where economy, performance and compliance are the overriding requirements.

Fast Cycle Times

The MS has cycles for both packaged and unpackaged products, with an automatic drying process:

26mins on a Standard cycle with 2kg Unwrapped Instruments.

47mins on a Dry-pluS 134 cycle with 1kg of wrapped instruments or 2kg or unwrapped instruments.

18 mins on a UDental 134 Cycle (Fast) with 2kg of unwrapped instruments.

58mins on a WDental 134 Cycle with 2kg of wrapped instruments

Spacious 22 litre chamber

W: 195 mm x H: 195 mm x D: 390 mm

Large capacity chamber accommodates 5 trays. The MS autoclave comes with a reversible rack which accepts larger cassettes or clip trays. It is designed to process loads on a continuous basis, without cool-down periods between cycles.

Option for extended drying with Dry-pluS

The Extended Dry-pluS cycle option includes an extended drying phase created from a powerful condenser, ensuring processed items are sensibly dry when removed from the chamber.

W&H are industry leaders from Austria, and are very well respected amongst the dental community. W&H can assure their customers quality, craftsmanship and reliability in every product. The range of W&H autoclaves is renowned for their reliability, innovation and robustness. 

Additional Benefits of the W&H MS include:

Ease of Use

The clear layout of the screen and uncomplicated arrangement of buttons ensure that the MS sterilizer is easy to use.


The MS sterilizer has been designed with efficiency in mind. It has a larger chamber, consumes less power, and has shorter cycle times than some other sterilizers. Its low maximum power consumption is just 1.75kWh. The added bonus of the exclusive N and Dry-pluS cycles means that a small load cycle is practical and cost-effective.

Also The automatic filling and draining functions for the water tanks* and the automatic door lock improve ergonomics and save you time. 

Cycles can also be programmed to start at a set time to improve the efficiency of your workflow.

Easy Printing and Traceability

The LisaSafe label printer can be connected to the sterilizer to print barcodes. Combined with the built-in data log your traceability system is enhanced

2 Year- Parts Only Warranty

The Specification of the MS 22 Litre:
Chamber Size

23 l

Power Supply

200 / 240 V AC
50 - 60 Hz / 8.75 A

Power Consumption

1700 W

Overall dimension (w x h x d):

Width: 450 mm - Height: 435 mm - Depth: 599 mm

Weight (empty):

40.5 kg (without load; add up to 10 kg with water and chamber fully loaded)

Mean sound levels (LWA):

66 dB

Main/Used water tanks:

4 / 3.5 litre

Tank refilling:

4 to 7 cycles (dependent on cycle selected)

Connection types:


MS autoclaves were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:

Medical Device Directive (MDD)


Pressure Equipment Directive PED


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

EN 13060

Small steam sterilizer

IEC 61010-1

Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use, general requirements

IEC 61010-2-040

Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use; particular requirements for autoclaves using steam for the treatment of medical materials and for laboratory processes

EN 61326

Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use: EMC requirements

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