T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Mid-range Unit Designed with HTM 01-05 Compliance

  • T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a mid-range ultrasonic bath designed with HTM 01-05 compliance, making it the perfect option for dental practices.

Guarantee with Every Purchase

The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner comes with a comprehensive guarantee, which includes 1 year's cover on the unit and 5 years on the transducer bonding.

4.5 Litre Tank

The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner is capable of cleaning a handful of dental equipment at once due to its large chamber. This feature means you can reduce surgery downtime and keep your practice running smoothly with consistently clean equipment.

Stainless Steel Tank and Case

This feature means the unit is more resistant to general everyday wear and tear, helping prolong the longevity of the product and maintain its clean aesthetic in your decontamination room.

Fast Cycle Times

The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner has a cycle time of 3-6 minutes, giving you the opportunity to fully sterilise your equipment between patients.

Waterproof USB Socket

The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner also has a waterproof USB feature which allows the transferring of internal memory from the unit over to a supplied memory stick, allowing you to keep more traceability of your equipment washes.

T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner
The T105 Ultrasonic Cleaner specifications include:
Cycle Time

3 - 6 mins

Internal Tank Dimensions

300 x 145 x 150 mm

Operating Frequency

47 kHz

Overall Dimensions

365 x 190 x 245 mm

Typical Power Consumption

180 watts


3.7 kg

Typical Generator Peak Output

360 watts

Maximum Capacity

5.7 litres

Working Capacity

4.7 litres

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