Hygea Ultrasonic Bath

Fully Compliant with a Magnetic Lid

  • The Hygea Dental is a fully compliant Ultrasonic Bath with a magnetic lid.
  • Hygea Ultrasonic Bath is more compact than the Hygea 2 but still holds up to 60 instruments.

If you're looking for a compliant Dental Ultrasonic Bath, in line with HTM01-05 then we feel there's no better option than the Hygea D3ntal, from Ultrawave. 

The Hygea D3ntal Ultrasonic Bath is the sister unit to the popular Hygea 2 with its lockable lid. This unit has been developed using aspects of the QS series as well as brand new innovative features.


It is a 10 litre unit yet, effortlessly fits into any Local Decontamination Units (LDU’s)

Fully Compliant

The Hygea D3ntal is fully compliant with HTM01-05 and ISO standards with a function to record if the process is interrupted (avoiding the expense of a lockable lid).


The saving made by not having the lockable lid of the Hygea 2 is considerable.

Fast and Efficient

Cleans up to 60 instruments in 6 minutes


 Using the Wifi Bluetooth feature on the Hygea D3ntal you are able to record precise times of cleans and sync them to a computer which saves a considerable amount of time for staff members.

Easy to Use

The cycle time (0-99 minutes), temperature (ambient-50°), ultra-sonic power and frequency can be easily adjusted using the user-friendly modern control power.

Long Warranty

3 years, gives you peace of mind.


Summary of the Key Features of this Hygea Dental ultrasonic bath:

  • Cleans up to 60 instruments, in 6 minutes in a three tier basket
  • Records if process is interrupted
  • Incorporates Ultrawaves Frequency Leap Technology
  • Basket Carrier compatible with many baskets and cassettes from a number of manufacturers, not just Ultrawave.
  • Visual Alert reminding staff to change fluid.
  • Control Panel, allowing for easy adjustments.

How does the Wifi Bluetooth Technology record the cyles?

Firstly: the Hygea d3ntal unit itself has an internal memory that can store a large number of compliance records (the exact number I do not have to have but I will double check and I’m confident that its in the 1000’s). These records store the time and date of the cycle, and confirmation of uninterrupted completion, identical to that of which the Hygea 2 would print out (if you have ever used one), just now in digital format.

Secondly: The Hygea d3ntal machine has wireless transmit technology built it that can transmit the compliance data referred to above to a wireless receiver that you would plug into your local pc (a USB dongle that we supply with the machine). With some simple self loading software (that we can happily support you setting up) the dongle then picks up the transmission from the machine automatically and saves to the PC in its own window.

Hygea ultrasonic bath's instructions for use.
Specification of the Hygea Dental:

345 x 285 x 265 (WxDxH)

Tank Size:

295 x 245 x 150 (WxDxH)


0-99 mins

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