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Message from ADAM President

Last week Kirsty Hague spoke with Lisa Bainham, President of ADAM (The Association of Dental administrators and Managers), to see how they could work together to best support the dental profession.  Lisa wrote this letter in response and has allowed us to share this with you here.

Thank you Lisa.







Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Its been an unprecedented and difficult time for anyone managing a dental practice and those within practices….understatement of the year!

There has now been much more clarity on the finance issues that arose and most of us are finding ways to get through this pandemic in a financially viable way.

Our attention has now turned to regeneration, bounce back, rebuild, or other names we are using for our return to practices in the future.  My advice during this phase is to sit tight, don’t be unprepared or fail to consider various scenarios of returning to “normal” but don’t over think it too much or be influenced by unofficial guidance or opinions that are flouted around on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Wait for official guidance and SOP’s, you will not miss the boat but will save yourself some stress, waste of your energy and possibly a few quid. We could all spend a fortune, that we currently don’t have, on what ifs and trying to second guess how we will be expected to work, and what PPE we need etc.

The best practices are those that work with facts, evidence and don’t panic the profession and public into systems of working that are not necessary or proven to be safe yet. ADAM and Hague have formed a partnership to help support practices and managers 

I’ve spent over an hour talking to the lovely Kirsty Hague this morning, and I think we both felt reassured that we were ok with not running around panicking but instead looking at ways to calmly support and protect our practices when the time comes to reopen. Hague isn’t just a business, the people actually care, which means the world to me, and most likely to those that work with them. The practices and companies who work together will be the strongest. 

Stay safe and well


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