Durr VSA 300 Suction Unit - Troubleshooting and Technical Support

Durr VSA 300 S Suction Pump

Are you currently experiencing problems with your Durr VSA 300 Suction Unit?

Hague Dental are specialists of plant equipment and supply and support the full range of  Durr Suction units including the Durr VSA 300. The most popular single surgery pump on the market.

See our troubleshooting tips below, or call 0800 298 5003 (option 3)  for free technical advice on your unit.


The Durr VSA 300 Suction Pump is currently one of the most popular suction pumps used in dental practices presently and is ideal for single surgery use.

The Durr VSA 300 S is a good reliable unit, but is asked to perform a lot of tasks, so does require regular maintenance and sometimes replacement.

durr vsa 300 Suction unit

One of the key issues is when a Durr VSA 300 S Suction Unit overheats during long procedures. Please bear in mind this can be caused by:


– Blocked pipework or filters (don’t forget the in-line yellow filter by the inlet to the pump)

– Incorrect maintenance – make sure air is allowed through when water flushed through, use the Durr products properly (Orotol and MD555)

– Service overdue.

– Parts of debris on the main impellor – covered by overhaul.

– Cooling fan not operating correctly.

– Damaged machine – main stem out of alignment.


The list above gives you some insight into the some of the reasons why your pump may not be running satisfactorily,  however you may find you require further support.

Hague Dental are certified dealer for Durr in the UK and would be delighted to provide further technical advice over the phone on 0800 928 5003 or to request a call back please fill the form below.

Alternatively we offer ‘no obligation’ equipment consultations at your practice or new site, all at your convenience.


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durr vsa 300 suction unit